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Video Part 1 - UK to Mali (7 minutes 51 seconds)
Moroccan camels, rocky Sahara roads, dodging terrorists in Mauritania, colourful Senegal, red dusty roads and friendly faces in Mali.    
Video Part 2 - Burkina Faso to Congo (11 minutes 17 seconds)


Crazy vehicles in Burkina, beautiful beaches in Ghana, mayhem in Nigeria, poto poto and mud in Cameroon, jungles of Gabon and bundu bashing in Congo.

(Acknowledgement and thanks to Roaming Yak for 'Poto Poto' pictures and Tess for the 'hippo at dawn' picture. Thanks also to Africa Fondo for the Cameroon song inspiration)

Video Part 3 - Angola to South Africa (11 minutes 59 seconds)


The Angolan challenge, braaivleis and animals in Namibia, Botswana expanses, colourful Zambia, Lake Malawi, beaches in Mozambique and finally home making it all the way to Cape Town.