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Pre-Departure Preparation

First Land Rover Pictures (Oct 2008)


London Snow (February 2009)


Proud new owners of our 1997 Land Rover Defender 110 300 TDI CSW.
Mpudi like he will never be seen again! London snowfall during February 2009. 

Car Preparation 1 (April 2009)


Expedition Equipment (May 2009)


Working on the Land Rover up in Peterborough at Footloose 4x4.
Some of the equipment we will be taking with us.

France Test Trip (May 2009)


Car Preparation 2 (June, July, August 2009)


Trip to Paris for Anna & Benji's wedding and then on to the Champagne region for some camping.
Ongoing work being done to the Land Rover.

Bundu Bashing in Bucks (July 2009)


Dad's Expedition - Edinburgh to Cape Town (June 1969 - March 1970)


Greenlaning in Buckinghamshire with Adam and Liana.
A blast from the past! I still can't quite believe they did it in an MGB!
United Kingdom      

Edinburgh to London via The Lakes (Dec 2008)

  Leaving London (October 2009)  

The official start of our journey from the Heart of Midlothian, Edinburgh, where it all began for my dad back in 1969. 
Some window snaps on our way out of London for the last time after the rebuild at Foleys.