In preparing for our journey we have come across a number of very useful websites, people and organisations. In order to publicise these and acknowledge their involvement in our trip we have listed them below.

We have also included a listing of interesting people that have met en route.

:: Vehicle and Expedition Preparation


Footloose 4x4

These guys have been absolutely fantastic and have been our main supplier of equipment, servicing and general advice. To say that Paul Marsh (who owns Footloose) is a seasoned overlander is a massive understatement! He is an authority on all things expedition-oriented. We would highly recommend Footloose to anyone who is thinking about an overland expedition and would like to find out any information from a mechanical and technical perspective as well as for general first-hand, "been there and done-it" advice.

Click on this link to read an interesting article about Paul and Footloose 4x4.


Foley Specialist Vehicles

Following our unfortunate mishap with the Land Rover just before leaving, Foleys where able to assist us with repairing and rebuilding the Land Rover. Paul and Stuart Foley have many years of experience and knowledge and provided us an excellent option in the rebuild. Many thanks to them for their hard work in turning our car around in a matter of weeks after the accident.



We used Plastor boxes for storage in the back of the Land Rover. Storage is key element of the preparation phase - getting it right can make life on the road so much easier. Wolf boxes are popular but extremely expensive as they are imported from South Africa.

We went for the Grey Range Container System. These boxes are great - they're modular and come in a wide range of sizes. There is no wasted space being rigid and square, and they fit together very neatly.

Having been provided an excellent service we would recommend them highly. The MD, John Yates, is very helpful and personally stayed behind after closing time to help us solve our storage puzzle!



Brownchurch are also a well-respected London-based Land Rover servicing centre and expedition specialist. We got our roof rack from them and also some other bits and pieces.


Tracks for Africa

These guys have collated some excellent GPS maps for Africa incorporating fully routable auto maps and an extensive points of interest database. They are well worth the money and cover most of Africa (some parts more extensively than others).


:: General Information

Excellent bunch of Land Rover nuts and an excellent resource for finding out useful information.


The Land Rover Network

As above, the Land Rover Network is an excellent resource for meeting like-minded Land Rover owners and expedition travellers.



This is a South African website that is run by Andrew St. Pierre White. Andrew is a well-known authority on off-road driving and expeditions. He has some excellent information available and we would recommend his books and DVDs as excellent information resources.


:: Spares & Equipment


Tilley Hats

Tilley have very kindly sponsored Catherine and I two of their comfortable and durable hats. Tilley hats are Canadian-made and known to be of outstanding quality which will suit us very well in the African bush.

We have chosen the Tilley Insect Shield Hat and the TH9 Hemp Hat.

While Tilley are famous for their hats, they also sell a range of travel items and accessories. See their website for more details.

Bush cables are stainless steel cables that are attached across the bonnet of the Land Rover. They are designed to force tree branches away and protect the windscreen during
off-road driving.

Kurt from has very kindly sponsored us a set for our trip. They are
excellent quality and will no doubt be invaluable on our journey. Please visit his website for full details of his products which are designed to fit a wide range of off-road vehicles.



Extreme 4x4 & Durite

Jeremy from Extreme 4x4 has very kindly sponsored us an anti roll bar upgrade kit following our rebuild. This significantly transforms the handling of the Land Rover and should reduce the risk of rolling the vehicle.

Extreme 4x4 sell a wide range of offroading suspension, recovery and protection equipment.

Jeremy also runs Durite - selling auto electrical parts. Most of our electrics are Durite, which we obtained through Footloose 4x4 and so far have been very reliable.

See the websites below for his full range of products.


We are very grateful to Eezi-Awn in South Africa who sponsored us some spare parts to repair our tent. We would wholeheartedly recommend their tents for any overlanders. They are comfortable, practical and eezi.

Eezi-Awn tents are available in the UK - see their website below.



We have used eBay extensively to source equipment for our trip and saved loads of money this way. What more can I say - this website is brilliant!


John Craddock Ltd

Great for general equipment and spares for the Land Rover.



Great for general equipment and spares for the Land Rover.


:: Legal, Health and General Preparation


The RAC provide the very important carnet de passage. This is a legal document that will permit the temporary importation of the Land Rover in each country that we'll be travelling through. It's complicated so if you're interested, visit the website.


Fit For Travel

This is an excellent NHS website that provides essential medical information for all the countries that we will be travelling through.


City of Westminster College

I did a 10-week DIY car vehicle maintenance course at the college to learn the core skills that would be needed to keep the car running in good shape while we are on the trip. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking to gain a basic set of DIY car maintenance skills. Thanks to Dale and Paul for their input.


:: Other Overlanders

Wild Sightings

This is the website of Ross and Heidi who travelled down the west coast during 2007/2008. I met them while on a work trip in Gibraltar. Seeing them in action provided the impetus and inspiration to turn our trip from a dream into a reality. Thanks guys!

Long Road Trip South

There are many overlander websites out there. Some seem to strike a chord - others don't necessarily grab you at first browse. I found this website (Rob & Ally) to be particularly inspiring and full of the information needed to help in undertaking a trip of our own. Thanks for this!


Siza iKhaya ("We are coming home")

This is the website of Richard and Heather Philips who are departing in May 2009. We were put in contact with them through a mutual friend from Cape Town, Rob Galliers. We will be following their progress closely.


The Africa Overland Network

The Africa Overland Network provides a catalogue of independent overland website indexing current, past and future trips.


:: People Spotted En Route

Name From Place met Date Website