About Us


:: Neil


I was born and raised in Cape Town. After finishing university in 2001, I decided to make the most of my British passport and headed over to London. Following a few years in Britain I met Catherine and in 2008 we got married down in beautiful Devon.

Having established a career in IT risk assurance, I feel it is time to escape the big smoke for a period and explore the continent that I am so passionate about.

Growing up in the knowledge of my Dad's trip from Edinburgh to South Africa in 1969, the idea of an expedition has always been brewing in the back of my mind. It was after a chance meeting with a couple who were doing a similar trip a few years ago when I decided that this dream needed to become a reality.

This trip combines everything that I love - adventure, all things mechanical and technology. Having been raised at opposite ends of the world, it will also allow me to introduce Catherine to this beautiful, exciting and unpredictable continent that inextricably defines me. Together, we hope it will be an experience that will shape us for the rest of our lives.


:: Catherine


I had a wonderful childhood in Devon, surrounded by the friendly chaos of four other siblings. After a gap year in France, I went to Leeds university to study French and Linguistics, which included another year back in France. From this time on, I had a strong inkling that my life would take me somewhere, at sometime, away from this little island.

Meeting Neil in 2004 certainly confirmed that. Neil made it very clear from early on that he hoped to return to South Africa one day. Fortunately for him, the concept didn't really phase me. Maybe I was just head over heels in love. Maybe I was excited at the idea of realising my own thirst for adventure. Maybe I had an inner reassurance that this was all in God's plan. Probably all of the above.

Five years on, and married, it is all becoming a reality. I have to be honest and say the na´ve flippancy with which I said to Neil that first evening 'that's no problem', has gradually turned into a cautiously excited realism. I am unashamedly nervous of what this trip means as it will be my turn to leave my family, friends, job and country to embrace the unknown.

However, I am absolutely sure that we are doing the right thing.
This started off as Neil's dream, but now it belongs to both of us. The next year will certainly teach us a lot about each other, and ourselves. The details and logistics are daunting, but the potential for wonderful experiences is immense and exciting. Watch this space!


:: The Land Rover - Mpudi

As is tradition with Land Rover owners, we have given our Land Rover a name - Mpudi (pronounced im-pooh-dee).

Mpudi was bought in October 2008 up in Lancashire after much research, planning and dreaming. He is a 1997 Defender 110, County Station Wagon. So far he has done 134,000 miles and so, by Land Rover standards, we still consider him a youngster.

We've had some work done to get him ready for the trip  - including a body change - and he is now driving really well.